Due to COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings in California, HaGomel was unable to launch its in-person programs as originally planned. This gave HaGomel the opportunity to partner with other nonprofits already offering expressive arts programs to women survivors of sexual trauma. HaGomel’s contributions to these organizations will enable them to offer more expressive arts programs, and, in some cases, programs custom-designed to benefit these women.

UCLArts & Healing transforms lives through creative expression by integrating the innate benefits of the arts with mental health practices for self-discovery, connection, and empowerment.
Their experiential education programs are designed to serve all ages and populations, including those living with challenges such as trauma, loneliness, illness, disability, loss, or social isolation. Their  sustainable strategy for meeting the needs of under-resourced communities includes partnerships, online trainings, and free programs in socially and emotionally supportive practices that anyone can use, and an online Certificate Program in Social Emotional Arts for those who want to learn how to develop, deliver, and evaluate their own effective curricula.

HaGomel Partner | UCLArts & Healing

Finding Our Voices empowers survivors of sexual assault to thrive by offering creative activities and healing events while advocating in the Colorado Springs, CO community.

They believe that communities flourish when everyone explores their capacity to heal and embraces their right to thrive. They provide a safe environment for self-expression so that survivors of sexual assault feel supported in their healing journey.

HaGomel Partner | Finding Our Voices

The Art Therapy Project is a New York-based nonprofit mental health organization providing free group art therapy to adults and youth affected by trauma. Using the art-making process and with support from our art therapists, clients learn how to explore feelings, increase self-awareness and cope with life’s challenges.

Since opening their doors in 2011, The Art Therapy Project has served more than 8,000 clients supporting all ages, backgrounds and communities. Every year, they serve more than 1,000+ clients including adults and youth, and offer 30+ weekly group art therapy sessions with 24+ program partners. Through the creative process, they go beyond traditional talk therapy.

HaGomel Partner | Art Therapy Project

Awakenings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making visible the artistic expression of survivors of sexual violence in Chicago.

They are committed to creating a physical and virtual artistic space in which to engage in an open dialogue that promotes healing of survivors through the arts and furthers awareness and understanding of sexual violence. They do this by producing year-round art events and opportunities spanning every medium, including visual art, literature, music, theater, and performance art that are made by, for, and about survivors of sexual violence.

HaGomel Partner | Awakenings

Open Studio Project (OSP) is a nonprofit arts organization based out of Evanston, Illinois. OSP serves the entire Chicagoland area and far beyond. For more than 30 years, Open Studio Project has provided dynamic, award-winning arts programming in a welcoming atmosphere of supportive non-interference. They invite you to reconnect with your own creativity while making art alongside others.

Their mission is to provide a welcoming environment to create art for personal growth, social emotional learning, and community well-being.

Open Studio Project, Evanston, IL

Crossing Point Arts has reached well over 6,500 survivors of trafficking in the NYC metro area since 2013, with hundreds of workshops in music, dance, visual arts, drama, poetry, spoken word and song creation. Their trained, trauma-informed Teaching Artists lead participatory workshops in NYC area anti-trafficking agencies where international and domestic survivors of labor and sex trafficking receive services, as they work to rebuild their lives.

Their focus is to rethink the role of the arts as a means of supporting trafficking survivors in the healing journey, while simultaneously mentoring them in pathways to employment. With an estimated 45 million enslaved people worldwide, Crossing Point Arts is taking a stand by showing up with their hearts – and their art – in the lives of survivors, who so often remain marginalized and invisible.

HaGomel Partner | Crossing Point Arts
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